How does payment work?

Our payments are generated automatically without need for invoicing, and are paid through our AutoPay system. When the report is marked complete in our system, AutoPay is triggered and the fee agreed upon (in our system and on the order form) is paid to the Appraiser assigned to that order number. Payments are made weekly, and reports are paid approximately 2 weeks after complete. If revisions are requested, payment will not be issued until the final revision is received.

Is First American Mortgage Solutions the only appraisal or BPO division of First American?

No, First American Mortgage Solutions only is one division of First American Corporation. There are several other divisions of First American Corporation that service BPO’s and REO’s.

Do you accept non-licensed Brokers/Appraisers?

No, in order for you to provide BPO services to First American Mortgage Solutions, you must be a Licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker or a Licensed/Certified Appraiser.

What is the expected turn time on each report?

We expect all exterior reports back within 3 business days of the order date that First American Mortgage Solutions assigned the Broker/Appraiser the request. We expect all interior reports back to us within 3 business days of the Scheduled date.

How many Brokers/Appraisers do you have on your panel?

We have over 4,000 Brokers and 15,000 appraisers nationwide.

What types of customers do you service?

We service several traditional National Lenders, over 100 regional lenders and Credit unions.

What are your customer service hours?

Our Customer Service hours are Monday thru Friday from 8 AM - 8 PM EST.

How do you measure Broker/Appraiser performance?

Performance is based on timely delivery as well as quality and accuracy for all products. It is critical that we consistently meet our customer’s expectations which requires our Broker/Appraisers to meet our requirements. If we determine that a Broker/Appraiser is not meeting the standards to which they have agreed when signing on with First American Mortgage Solutions, we will take whatever action is required, up to and including terminating the relationship, in order to meet those standards. We have made a pledge to our clients for timely delivery of quality products and we are committed to fulfilling that pledge.

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